Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm Back!

It's been about a month since I've spent some time in my "happy place" and I'm finally back!  I grounded myself until I got some serious time in the basement de-hoarding.  I spent most of last week doing just that and after 8 cans of garbage and 2 trips to Goodwill, I'm ready to get back to the clay.  Of course I would have to clean the studio before any real fun would start.

One of the big things on my resolution list was to get a photo booth done.  It's such a pain to take a good picture of your work when you have to drag out your whole booth, set it up, take pictures and put it all away.  Way too easy to just get the stuff out of the kiln and put it on a shelf without documenting it.  I saw a couple good examples of a permanent set up on Pinterest and if I cleaned out my inventory room, I had the perfect spot.

While I was cleaning out the basement, I came across an old card table and a couple desk lamps that would work perfectly.  I still had some vellum from my drafting days to diffuse the light and I made some hoops to support it out of a piece of flexible wire casing from Lowes.  It's pretty rough, but it works for me.

A minute later and I have a picture

This is the inventory room before I started - YIKES!

And after - Much nicer

I was on a roll so I cleaned the kiln room as well.  

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