Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pretty Weeds

I found a nice patch of common burdock or "wild rhubarb" this weekend.  I love this plant!  Since it's considered a weed, it might not always be where I found it from year to year if someone sprayed it.  It looks a lot like rhubarb, but I don't think you can eat it.  It DOES make some fabulous platters and since it is an undesirable plant, no one minds me stopping off the side of the road and picking all I need. 

I got 13 of these guys made yesterday.  

These are smaller for a cheese tray or an appetizer dish

I love the long ones.  Some of the vine handles I pulled are shaped so you can hang them as well

This leaf had a nice wide shape.  It made a fairly deep bowl although the picture doesn't show it well.  I could see using this for serving a salad in.

I can't wait to see them glazed!

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