Sunday, May 5, 2013

Secret Garden - one week late

First of all, I would like to thank my sister and my brother-in-law for helping me get my pictures from my phone to this page.  I would have thrown my phone through the computer screen after about 10 minutes.  I have absolutely NO patience with technology!

Last week I had a show at the Secret Garden in Waynesville.  It was a wonderful small show.  Debbie and Bart have an amazing place on St. Rt. 73 with garden paths, a chapel on a pond, and the most adorable shop with everything you would ever need to decorate your garden - from the usual bird baths and feeders to unusual sculptures, peace poles and whirly gigs. Here's the link to their website:   Every spring they have an open house and invite the artists that they consign with to come and promote their wares.  There's entertainment by (I'm going to say her name was Gina, but I'm probably wrong).  She is an amazing singer from Oregonia.  We had fried green tomato sandwiches, beer and loaded potatoes and it was just a perfect day for an event.

I had a lot of my own visitors and I appreciated all of them.  Especially Greg who went on a Mike's hard run for me.

Selection of garden decorations

Nice chicken display

I love this

And I was going to add more pictures, but they are gone.  I guess I should step away from the computer now before someone gets hurt.  

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